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Congratulations to all the girls!

 Athletic Award Ceremony Recipients

Bville Outstanding Team Player Award  - TBA
James R. Brink Sportsmanship Award  - TBA
Spirit Award - TBA
Honorary Block "B" Award (Parent Volunteer Award) 
The Honorary Block "B" Award is given by the athletic coaching staff to individuals in the community who, by their efforts, have aided and fostered the cause, ideals and youth involved in Baldwinsville athletics.  Without their support and drive, the athletic picture at Baldwinsville would be incomplete.

CNYCL All League Award

Varsity Awards

Leadership Award:  

Most Consistent Player: 

Player of the Year Offense: 

Player of the Year Defense: 

Player of the Year Midfield:  

Coaches Awards: 

Most Improved Player: 

League Awards

1st team: 

2nd team: 


Honorable mention: 


Scholarship winners

*Booster Scholarship winners: 
GPA- Amanda Strenk
Coaches Award: Megan Doyle
Kimball: Lauren Brushingham