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Field Hockey Apparel

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Hello everyone,
Welcome to the 2019 Field Hockey season.  Pleae find below the new apparel website and brief description. 
We offer the apparel two times:   
To access the BSN apparel site please copy and paste the below address into the url window. It will take you to the store.
Baldwinsville Field Hockey family,
A few notes with regard to the sale:
  • The purchased items will be delivered approximately three weeks after the store closes.
  • You will receive an email once apparel arrives.
  • Please note that the t-shirt shown in white is cotton, and the t-shirt shown in red is performance polyester material. Both shirts are offered in Red and White.
  • The store will re-open on September 10th once modified teams are established.
  • Coaches will be handing out uniforms once tryouts are complete, if you'd like to add your number you will be able to do so.
  • Samples of many of the items will be available on Friday and Sunday at the conclusion of tryouts. Enjoy!